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Walking the highway, crossing by boat,
many people have passed by since ancient times

1,300 years ago, albeit briefly, Otsu was the capital of Japan. Later,when the capital was moved to Kyoto, Otsu developed into a gateway city to eastern Japan and as a central city for land and water transportation systems. Also, Otsu became a center for Buddhism since many major temples such as Enryakuji, were located there.
In the Warring States Period (approximately 500 years ago), Otsu was the site of several battles and many local samurai had their names etched in history. During the Edo Period (1603-1868), Otsu was the largest gateway city between Tokyo and Kyoto. Since that time, Otsu has remained the capital of Shiga Prefecture. Rich in history and nature, the traditions of a vibrant culture characterize the city today.

Lansing (USA) from  1. Oct. 1969
Interlaken (Switzerland) from  1. Oct. 1978
Wurzburg (Germany) from 13. Feb. 1979
Mudanjiang (China) from  3. Dec. 1984
Kumi (The Republic Korea) from 12. Apr. 1990


Guide Map of Otsu City